Previous ASD product reviews from satisfied customers:

Thank you so much and I am sure we will be ordering more…
I wanted to thank you so much for your assistance in getting our police cars sideways!
I have just finished installing 4 of your systems into our ex police crown vics and they all react exactly the same and we are enjoying the fun it brings!!!From your first email back to me explaining all the answers we needed before asking the questions it was a sure fit that we were going to be doing business with you.Thank you so much and I am sure we will be ordering more once we have more people that want to drift with us.Thanks again and I look forward to more business with you.

Tim Cody, Professional Stuntman – Canada

Worth it’s weight in Gold…..

I have this set up with a dual caliper bracket on my S13 using 2 sets of Z32 calipers and the 3/4″ ASD reservoir. It is effortless to lock up my rear. Was worried because I drift on 245 wide tires but it locked them up with a slight tug! People are in disbelief when they ride along. Some of them turned right around and bought their own! I send ASD all the business now! Thanks ASD!

Reviewed by: Casey Hoffman from Hagerstown, MD.

16inch pull back hydraulic ebrake
Thanks ASD for the awesome customer service I ordered this Friday with next day air and The shipping info said it would be here Monday so Bonnie took my shipment down to the shipping store and got it arranged for it to come Saturday on time. I’m very please with how they took care of things and how well this new product works on my ae86 effortlessly lock up the rear now. Thank you again ASD for hooking it up!

Jeffrey Lansdell from Long Beach CA.

Hydro brake was perfect!
The hydro brake was amazing!! It was the perfect length, and feel. I loved it so much I found myself pulling the handle when I really shouldn’t be just to see what would happen. Every time I would get two equal black strips of rubber and two identical puffs of smoke. That hydro brake is pure perfection.

Reviewed by: Jonathan from Toronto Canada.

Bought this to replace my crappy ebay hydro and instantly fell in love with it works great in my Rx7!

Robert Ward from China Grove, NC.

So awesome! Does everything I wished my old PBM and CNC e-brake’s would have done. Finally someone makes this with the right know how and parts. Thanks!

Scott Troutman from Miami FL.