Hard Line Fitting Adapter


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Product Information

This adapter is for ASD E-brake systems that ONLY incorporate ‘Pass Through’ master cylinders.

The adapter screws into the ASD E-brake’s master cylinder inlet port and converts a 7/16-20 thread to a more common 3/16″ (3/8-24 thread) hard line brake nut (in most cases automotive manufacturers use a 3/16″ hard line brake nut as standard original equipment).

To have hard line adapters added to your pass through e-brake choose the option in the pull-down menus of either the 16″ Pull-back or Pull-Up e-brakes.

BOTTOM-LINE if you are plumbing an ASD E-brake using a pass through master cylinder into a vehicle using existing 3/16″ steel hard lines you will require this adapter with your order.

Please note that Reservoir e-brake systems automatically ship with a hard line adapter for its outlet port included in the base price at no additional fee.